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The Consultation

Whether you come in knowing exactly what you want to accomplish, or just want to explore the possibilities, the consultation is the key. It is here that you can discuss your situation, feelings and goals with one of our physicians, and discover which options are best suited for you.

Dr. Emil Bisaccia or Dr. Dwight Scarborough will listen carefully to your concerns, examine you, and offer their suggestions as to how you can best realize your goals and achieve the look you've dreamed about. They will provide you with written material describing the proposed procedures, and offer an estimate on fees, so that you have all the information on hand to assist you in making this important decision.

Following are answers to some commonly asked questions. Please note that this general information does not and is not meant to take the place of a consultation with one of our doctors, and that no physician-patient relationship has been established.



What to Do About Wrinkles

Q: I like what I see in the mirror except. . .these wrinkles seem to have crept up on me. I’m not ready for a facelift. What do you recommend?

A: There are many non-surgical and minimally invasive options for you to consider. The recommendation I make most is to utilize small cosmetic interventions as needed to turn back the clock or slow the signs of aging. There are several reliable options for any patient who does not want a facelift.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a remarkable product which can significantly reduce frown lines, forehead creases and “crows’ feet.” It involves simple pinpoint injections of a natural protein, and results last up to four months.

Injectable Fillers are a safe, quick method for restoring volume and fullness to skin to correct facial wrinkles and folds. Recent advances in the fillers available today give our patients more options than ever before!

Laser treatments can result in dramatic improvement to the skin, erasing age spots, diminishing “broken capillaries” and removing wrinkles as well as refreshing and restoring a youthful glow. Our advanced Pulsed-Light System offers one simple treatment method for several common patient concerns, including fine lines… but this system also minimizes sun damage and age spots, as well as the facial veins of rosacea!

Each patient has different needs, so an in-office consultation is the most appropriate way to determine what’s best for you.



Too Many Chins

Q: I’ve wanted to get rid of my double chin for years and I’ve heard liposuction can help. What do I need to know?

A: The double chin and other targeted areas can be eliminated with a minimally invasive, simple outpatient procedure called Microliposuction. Microliposuction is an extremely safe procedure that is perfectly suited to be performed on the delicate areas of the face. Downtime is minimal, making Microliposuction an ideal “tune up” for those with a busy social calendar!

Microliposuction is ideal for people who desire better facial contour. Even younger patients who inherit fullness under the chin can “firm up” with a simple Microliposuction procedure.

Often, Microliposuction will be performed at the same time as a Mini Facelift or MiniTuck, or Microliposuction alone can help the patient regain a toned, taut appearance.

Utilizing these safe outpatient procedures as early interventions can eliminate the need for a full facelift later!



So Many Lasers

Q: I see many different types of lasers being offered to patients. What can lasers treat and is there a difference in who provides the treatment?

A: It does seem that more laser treatments are offered throughout the United States, including discounted treatments at non-specialist facilities. It’s crucial to consider the years of experience a physician has in operating a laser when judging whether to allow him or her to treat your concern. Laser technology is evolving quickly, and it takes expertise to avoid aggravating a patient’s condition and prevent further problems.

Affiliated Dermatology has provided laser treatments to thousands of patients, for well over a decade. Our patients benefit from treatment with our advanced Pulsed-Light System, which offers:

• PhotoFacial Rejuvenation
• Spider/ Leg Vein Treatment
• Age Spot/ Sun Damage Improvement
• Rosacea/ Facial Vein Treatment
• Acne Management
• Hair Removal

In addition, the powerful carbon dioxide (CO2) laser banishes wrinkles, improves facial discolorations, smoothes scars (whether from acne, chicken pox, or injury), and even rejuvenates sun-damaged and aging, wrinkled skin.

We also provide laser treatment for tattoo removal!

Whatever your specific concern, our physicians offer expert treatment - including all that lasers have to offer. Laser treatments in our offices have achieved satisfying results for thousands of patients… you’ll be thrilled with your results too!

Utilizing these safe outpatient procedures as early interventions can eliminate the need for a full facelift later!




Q: I am in my 40s and have noticed some sagging around the lower half of my face. I want to "firm-up" that area, but I do not want to undergo something big like a facelift. Is that possible?

A: Absolutely! Thanks to our minimally invasive procedures, you do not have to undergo traditional facelifting to regain tone and firmness to the lower facial area around the jawline. Several types of MiniTucks are offered at Affiliated Dermatology to target specific facial zones that benefit from early intervention against aging. The Jawline Tuck may best fit what you are describing. Jawline Tuck patients do not need (or want) a full facelift because it is mainly the sagging skin of the jawline and jowls that bothers them most. This procedure is ideal for regaining the good "neck/ jawline angle" we associate with youth. In addition, the surgery itself requires only tiny incisions that fade into the natural facial creases around the ears. Visit our MiniTuck page for more information and photos of some of the results our patients have seen after their Jawline Tuck.




Q: It seems like forever that I have been trying to lose these last 15 pregnancy pounds since my son was born – and last weekend was his 3rd birthday! Will Liposuction help me get the pounds off?

A: Liposuction is an ideal method of removing the bulges created by the body's natural response to pregnancy. Under the influence of female hormones, fat is deposited in certain areas of the lower abdomen, thighs, etc. for the "feeding" of the newborn while in utero. These sites are "preserved" by the body even after the child has been delivered. As such, exercise and dieting usually will not remove these sites. Liposuction, however, can restore your figure by removing those fatty areas… and it is a relatively simple procedure. See the Liposuction page of our web site to obtain more information.



Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

Q: I have recently noticed a pinkish spot on my nose that will not go away. I’m afraid that it may be cancer; and if it is, what I will look like if it has to be removed.

A: First of all, don’t ignore it. If it is skin cancer, it will only continue to grow in size, requiring a more involved removal process. The good news is that Mohs surgery addresses both the removal of the skin cancer, and the cosmetic result of the skin cancer surgery, by requiring the surgeon to take the smallest area of skin possible. This specific type of surgery has the highest cure rate, and the surgeons of Affiliated Dermatology are experts in the performance of this surgery and in providing the best cosmetic result.


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