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Facial Vein Treatment

Lighten Up

Our patients are raving about the results they’ve had with our advanced intense pulsed light system! It’s proven to minimize the facial signs of aging, including uneven skin tone from years of sun damage - but rosacea sufferers can also benefit from this innovative system! Standard topical and oral rosacea medications can take months to begin seeing results, and must be used daily. Often, patients find that prescription medication, while helpful, simply doesn’t bring the type of results they are hoping to see.

But our laser system produces amazing results – in less time! In the hands of our expert surgeons, our advanced pulsed-light system effectively diminishes the “blush” appearance and small facial veins that accompany rosacea in just weeks.


Treatment involves directing a pulsed light beam onto the area to be improved. The light is absorbed by the blood’s hemoglobin, which breaks up and dissolves, causing visible facial veins and redness to fade. Meanwhile, the system’s built-in cooling system keeps the cooled hand piece in contact with the skin, soothing the treated area for greater patient comfort.

Treatments with this system yield reduced facial veins and blushing with only 1-3 treatments. Even one treatment can yield up to 50% improvement. Subsequent treatments bring additional results, clearing up to 85% of facial veins and redness!

Call our office to find out more about this exciting new treatment for rosacea and facial redness!

Rosacea's facial veins are minimized with our pulsed light system.

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