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Tattoo Removal

Erasing Your Past

Getting tattooed is always of major significance. Whether done by an amateur or a professional, they usually mark watersheds in our lives. Over time, however, they may lose their meaning or importance, and pass on to become objects of embarrassment or discomfort.

Using laser light, the physicians at Affiliated Dermatology can erase your tattoos, and leave your skin looking unsullied and healthy.


Laser light of a specific wavelength harmlessly passes through the skin, and then is rapidly absorbed by the ink of the tattoo. This causes the ink to disintegrate without leaving behind any visible residue. Darker inks like black, blue, purple, red and orange respond most favorably to laser surgery. Green and yellow inks are more difficult to remove, and may require additional treatments for optimal results.

The depth and density of the tattoo are also considerations. Amateur tattoos generally require from four to seven treatments, while professional tattoos require from seven to nine. During your consultation, the doctor will explain in detail your options, and help you decide what course of treatment will be best for you. The procedure itself is fairly painless, and post treatment care of the site no more involved than the care required after the original tattooing.

Affiliated Dermatology can help you can stop feeling regret over past decisions, and instead take the steps to correct them.

This tattoo outline has virtually disappeared from this patient's back, thanks to laser treatments at Affiliated Dermatology.

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