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Fractional Laser

Actual Tissue Regeneration with Wrinkle Reduction Reveals Youthful Skin

A new treatment method for sun-damaged, wrinkled skin promotes actual tissue repair deep in the skin while resurfacing the skin’s outer layer. Treatment results show actual regeneration of new, healthy tissue! And the system’s Active Contact Cooling provides for the greatest comfort during treatment, making this treatment like no other.

This new laser technology repairs and refreshes age-damaged tissue with little to no down time. Its patented Fractional Photothermolysis is FDA-approved for repair of damaged and thinning collagen and achieves dramatic results. The laser’s microbeams gently penetrate deep into the skin, encouraging incremental rejuvenation i n the skin’s deeper layers whi le the surface is refreshed. Actual regeneration of new, healthy tissue occurs below the surface while the skin’s tone and texture is improved!



People with mild to moderate fine lines and wrinkles can benefit from this new laser technology, as well as those with mild to moderate acne scarring. Olive-skinned individuals who are not candidates for the CO2 resurfacing laser can also get great results from the Fractional Laser.


In addition, this laser is the perfect alternative for those who do not want the downtime that comes with CO2 Laser treatment but love its results. A series of treatments with the Fractional Laser is gentle to the patient but highly effective. Since the Fractional Laser does not “strip” the skin, patients are able to have a treatment and go back to their daily activities. Three to six treatments spaced 3-6 weeks apart are recommended, but most patients are impressed after the first treatment.

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Sun-damaged, wrinkled skin is repaired from under the surface while the skin's outer layer is resurfaced with the FDA-approved Fractional Laser.

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